Unmanned Surveillance


RoboGuard is a patented (Patent pending) revolutionary agile unmanned robot, which patrols around secured perimeters, ensuring the integrity and is capable of responding promptly to intrusion alerts.

RoboGuard consists of an autonomous unit (robot), traveling on a monorail and carrying several sensors.
The robot has two modes of operation:
1. Routine patrol, in which it travels autonomously at about 7 km/h, scanning and searching for perimeter anomalies such as fence holes or nearby suspected objects
2. Response mode, in which the robot rushes promptly at about 20 km/h to hone in on a suspected intrusion, acting as a first responder.


RoboGuard is used in high-security critical facilities to replace or enhance perimeter patrols.


Features & Benefits

  • Speed - up to 20 km/h
  • Coverage of up to 1 km per robot
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery
  • Wi/Fi communication
  • Variety of payloads:
  • Laser scanner
  • Fixed or PTZ cameras
  • IR illuminator
  • Two-way intercom
  • Flash beacon
  • Automatic modes include:
    • Laser based surveillance for fence damage and suspicious objects at the vicinity of the fence
    • Rapid homing-in on the location of an alert
    • Manual mode includes manual driving of the robot and PTZ camera control
  • Operated via Magal’s Fortis4G Security Management System (SMS)


How it works

  • The robot, powered by a rechargeable battery, travels along a monorail, which is attached to the fence structure;
  • Wi-Fi communication ensures constant link between the robot and the control room; this is be achieved through RF antennas at the docking stations and any other locations covering the rail
  • The sophisticated laser scanner uses a rotating laser beam perpendicular to the fence, scanning up to 10 meters of each side of the perimeter, and capable of detecting holes in the fence or unattended objects left close to the fence
  • The two-way intercom onboard the robot enables conversation between the control room and a person standing a few meters away from the robot