Taut Wire Indicative Fence


YAEL is a taut wire physical barrier combined with high performance sensors. The technology incorporates a single detector per zone, which collects and aggregates signals from many wires, making it a very cost effective solution for dense fences where multiple barbed wires are required. 

YAEL has no environmental limitations, and delivers a very high and guaranteed Probability of Detection (PD) with minimal false and nuisance alarm rates (FAR / NAR).


YAEL is an ideal solution for high profile CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection) such as nuclear facilities, military sites and other sensitive locations like airports, energy utilities and prisons.

YAEL is also an excellent fit for long perimeters (such as borders or remote sites with minimal infrastructure), and installations situated in harsh climates.


Features & Benefits

  • Guaranteed high Probability of Detection (PD)
  • Very low FAR / NAR
  • Inherent self-calibrating mechanism to ensure constant sensitivity
  • Low power consumption
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Ideal when multiple wires are required


How it works

YAEL consists of multiple horizontal twisted barbed wires, typically separated in 5 - 20 cm (2 - 8 in.)intervals and stretched along a typical segment of 50 meters (164 ft.). A solid state, self-balancing sensor and processor are located in the middle of each segment, collecting signals from all wires simultaneously. Power and communication are provided through a single cable connecting all segments into a single managed and controlled system, which serves as the backbone for the full length of a fence.