Perimeter Intrusion Grid


MagBar is an intrusion detection solution that combines a massive physical grid with an embedded intrusion detection sensor, tailored to the specific dimensions of any pipe, drain, open tunnel, canal, air duct or window that it is meant to protect.

Two versions of MagBar are available; both electro-mechanical and electro-optical sensors are optimized to detect cutting, bending and removing of the physical grid. The grid is extremely robust, sustaining heavy water flow and remains operational even when completely submerged under water for many years.


MagBar is a maintenance-free answer to the problem of security vulnerabilities posed by storm drains, tunnels and other fixed openings. CIP installations, military sites and correctional facilities around the work utilize MagBar to plug critical holes in their perimeter security systems.


Features & Benefits

• Operates as a physical barrier and detects cutting, bending or removing

• Can operate completely submerged in water for many years

• Cleaning mechanism (optional)

• Minimum number of false alarms

• Zero to low power consumption (~0.1 W per unit)

• Maintenance-free operation

• Easily integrated with other systems


How it works

Intrusion attempts on the grid structure disturb the light in the fiber-optics or break the embedded electrical wire, which generate an alarm. MagBar can operate independently as a stand-alone system or be integrated into a wider PIDS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection System) solution. MagBar can report alarms via RS-422 communication or dry contact relay outputs.