Military Grade Vibration Sensor


Fensor is an advanced fence mounted perimeter intrusion detection system, which is comprised of a multitude of accelerometer type sensors pre-wired to a power and communication cable at 2 to 3 m (6.5 to 10 ft.) intervals. The signal of each sensor is both individually and commonly analyzed to provide the most sensitive, reliable and accurate intrusion detection. The sensor is easy to install on any existing fence structure.


Fensor is a cost-effective solution for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) facilities, military and law enforcement sites, transportation compounds and border applications.



  • Provides precise location of the intruder; enables pinpointing a camera to the specific intrusion location.
  • Capable of detecting and locating multiple simultaneous intrusions along a single zone.
  • Very low false alarm rate since each sensor is analyzed separately.
  • Increased immunity to harsh weather conditions.
  • Zone and single sensor sensitivity can be easily adjusted.
  • Improved maintainability through the inherent fault isolation to the level of the individual sensor.


How it Works

Fensor electronic sensors detect vibrations and movements caused by an intrusion attempt such as cutting, climbing or lifting of the fence fabric while providing the exact intrusion location within 2 to 3 m (6.5 to 10 ft.).

FRU (Fensor Reporting Unit) processors are located every 2 km (1.2 mi) along the protected perimeter, monitoring the status and condition of each individual sensor. The FRU communicates with the command and control center through Ethernet network.

A typical one pass system configuration is connected on both ends to FRU’s, which provides cut immunity – it will fully function even after a cable cut. Fensor is adaptable to most metal fabric fences and walls, providing consistently reliable detection that automatically compensates for weather effects.