Decorative Indicative Fence


InnoFence is designed to look like a regular high quality fence with a concealed fiber optic sensor for intrusion detection. It is made from pre-fabricated modules, and can be mounted on a low concrete base (free-standing) or wall-mounted.

Innofence will alarm when cut, bent, climbed or otherwise tampered with.


InnoFence is the perfect solution for high profiles sites such as VIP residences, government buildings and embassies. It is also installed at airports and industrial / commercial facilities worldwide.


Features & Benefits

  • Decorative, robust and innocent looking
  • Exceptional Probability of Detection (PD)
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Minimum number of false alarms
  • Low maintenance
  • Low power consumption - ~2 W per 1 Km
  • Long life expectancy


How it works

The operating principal of the InnoFence is based on light transmission which is controlled inside a fiber optic cable. Any changes in light transmission modifies the signal, which is evaluated by the processor and generates an alarm if above the calibrated thresholds.

The sensors are installed to detect the mechanical forces acting on the fence during a forced entry through or over it.