Regulated Cannabis

Securing Global Cannabis Farms and Facilities

Magal is a leading international provider of turnkey solutions and products for physical security of critical sites.

Medical cannabis growth and research is one of the fastest growing agricultural and medical trends worldwide. Due to the high value of the product, it is inherently exposed to theft by outsiders, as well as by employees. Employee theft alone is estimated to cost the employer about 3% of turnover yearly.

Magal uses fully-integrated solutions comprised of various technologies to protect companies in the Cannabis market from both outside and inside theft. Additionally, Magal helps reduce operational costs and therefore presents a secure and cost effective security solution to the industry. With a proven track record in the cannabis industry in Israel, Canada and other international destinations, Magal works hand-in-hand with each individual client to meet their specific security requirements.

Multi-Layer Security Solutions

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

Magal offers a full range of perimeter intrusion detection (PIDS) products and solutions to detect intruders before they get inside a site. All of Magal’s internally developed “smart fence” technologies, as well as any additional third-party system, can be fully integrated into a video management system and command and control platform. Magal sensors detect and locate intrusion attempts with very high probability of detection (Pd) and minimal nuisance and false alarm rates (NAR/FAR). Sensors are designed to detect multiple simultaneous intrusions, with disturbances at different locations reported autonomously.

Verification and Tracking

Identifying perimeter breaches as well as unauthorized personnel entry is a vital component of any medical cannabis facility security solution. Magal uses human and vehicle detection radars, long and medium range surveillance, as well as thermal, daytime, and PTZ cameras integrated with smart fence technology, to offer the most comprehensive verification and tracking system available.

Inner Layers and Access Control Security

Securing operational and restricted areas is key to maintaining high-level security at medical cannabis facilities. Magal offers a multi-faceted approach to protecting sensitive areas by controlling access with License Plate Recognition (LPR), Biometrics, and Face Recognition analytics. Employee theft is thereby curtailed.

Dynamic Command & Control

Magal’s command and control capabilities provide holistic integration of a facility’s security and operational systems into one comprehensive, high availability platform. Magal offers a vast portfolio of third party technology relevant to crop growth and management at medical cannabis facilities. Magal’s FORTIS 4G fully integrates video management, advanced debriefing capabilities and video tracking, as well as privilege and access hierarchy, allowing operators and authorized personnel to make effective decisions based on real-time events, recognized threats or identification of suspicious individuals.