Smart City

Magal Security Systems is a leading integrator of end-to-end smart city solutions.

Modern cities are fast, dynamic and evolving ecosystems - and so is Magal Security Systems’ smart city solution. With superior integration and processing capabilities, Magal offers anytime-anywhere control and response.

Magal’s safe-city solution relies on the unique capability to acquire enormous amounts of raw data from diverse and isolated systems, and fuses them into meaningful and manageable output. Magal integrates with a city's existing infrastructure and system, and leverages it with new and innovative capabilities. With Magal’s solution, citizens’ confidence is increased and administrators gain complete visibility over city routine, pre-planned events and emergency incidents.

  • Improved safety and protection
  • Optimized municipal services
  • Real-time traffic synchronization 
  • Expedited city services 
  • Reduced costs and expenses
  • Enforcement of policy

Multi-Layer Smart Solutions

The complex and diverse nature of cities can be a challenge to monitor and manage. Therefore, Magal Security Systems has created a complete smart city solution which adapts to a city’s unique needs, relying on many layers of data to effectively influence all aspects of city life:

  • Safety & Security: Tracking and detection, situational awareness, first-response dispatching etc. 
  • Transportation: Public, private, parking and real-time direction
  • Municipal Services: Supply system control, waste disposal routing optimization, manpower allocation
  • Citizens' Services: Mobile app with direct notification, enhanced reporting and information distribution and shortening of service timeframes
  • Energy Harvesting: Dynamic light control, preventative maintenance and more  
  • Disaster Planning: Utilizes real-time data to prepare for natural disasters, including hurricane and flood evacuations, earthquake detection
  • Emergency Services: Empowers you to respond and dispatch to emerging events safely and instantly based on precise information
Dynamic Command & Control

Magal’s command and control capabilities provides holistic integration of your smart city’s security and operational systems into one comprehensive, high availability platform. Magal’s user-friendly FORTIS 4G fully integrates video management, advanced debriefing capabilities, video tracking, as well as privilege and access hierarchy, allowing the operator and authorized personnel to make more effective decisions based on real-time events, recognized threats or identification of suspicious individuals.

Verification and Tracking

Smart cities rely on data from cameras and sensors that feed information to the command and control platform. Magal uses human and vehicle detection radars, long and medium range surveillance, as well as thermal, daytime, and PTZ cameras integrated with smart fence technology, to offer the most comprehensive verification and tracking system available.