Magal Security Systems is a leading provider of end-to-end, fully integrated security solutions for seaports.

With seaports being a major point of entry into any country, securing them is of critical importance. Recognizing threats and preventing potential attacks are crucial to ensuring secure operation of the port, while at the same time maintaining compliance with the regulations of the International Ship and Port Facility Code (ISPS). Seaports’ vast and varied perimeters require solutions that are comprehensive and seamless. Magal Security Systems provides fully integrated, end-to-end seaport security solutions completely customized based on individual port requirements while complying with ISPS code standards.

Port of Mombasa

Kenya's largest port is the gateway to east and central Africa, handling over 1,000,000 containers per year. When it came to securing the 7 km port, the Kenya Port Authority chose Magal to provide a turnkey security solution.

Multi-Layer Security Solutions

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems 

Seaports span large geographical areas with perimeters that are unable to be secured in the same way as traditional perimeters. Magal Security Systems offers a full range of perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) products and solutions, which can be adapted to any seaport’s unique security needs. All of Magal’s internally developed “smart fence” technologies, as well as any additional third-party system, are fully integrated into the video management system and command and control platform. Magal sensors detect and locate intrusion attempts with very high probability of detection (Pd) and minimal nuisance and false alarm rates (NAR/FAR). Sensors are designed to detect multiple simultaneous intrusions with disturbances at different locations reported autonomously.

Verification and Tracking

Identifying perimeter breaches is a vital component of any seaport security solution. Magal uses human and vehicle detection radars, long and medium range surveillance, as well as thermal, daytime, and PTZ cameras integrated with smart fence technology, to offer the most comprehensive verification and tracking systems available.

Inner Layers and Access Control Security

Securing operational and restricted areas is key to maintaining high-level seaport safety. Magal offers a multi-faceted approach to protecting sensitive areas by controlling access with License Plate Recognition (LPR), Biometrics, and Face Recognition analytics, as well as physical deterrents such as bollards and anti-terror gates.

Dynamic Command & Control

Magal’s command and control capabilities provide holistic integration of a seaport’s security and operational systems into one comprehensive, high availability platform. Magal’s FORTIS 4G fully integrates video management, advanced debriefing capabilities and video tracking, as well as privilege and access hierarchy, allowing operators and authorized personnel to make effective decisions based on real-time events, recognized threats or identification of suspicious individuals.


Magal Security Systems enables seaports to stay ahead of any accelerating and potentially adverse incident in their domain, comply with international regulations as well as immediately respond to emergencies. Magal currently provides end-to-end solutions to following the international locations:

  • USA and Canada
  • Port of Oakland, California
  • Port of San Diego, California
  • Port of Savannah, Georgia
  • Houston Channel, Texas
  • Port de Sorel, Canada
  • Societe du Parc Industriel at Portuaire de Becancourt, Canada
  • Latin America
  • Port Buenaventura , Colombia
  • Port Lazaro Cardenas , Mexico
  • Laguna Verde, Mexico
  • Petroleos Mexicanos Refinancion
  • Poer CFE Libertad , Mexico
  • Port CFE Tuxpan , Mexico
  • Pemex Port Laguna Azul , Mexico
  • Port CFE San Carlos , Mexico
  • Asia
  • Hiroshima Sea Port , Japan
  • Wakayama Port, Japan
  • Kita-Kyushi Sea Port, Japan
  • Osaka Port, Japan
  • Shigama Port, Japan
  • Chiba Port, Japan
  • Tomakomai Port, Japan
  • Otaru Port, Japan
  • Dalian Port, China
  • Africa
  • Mombasa – Kenya
  • Contonu – Benin
  • Israel
  • Ashdod Port 
  • Haifa Chemicals Port 
  • Eilat Port