Critical Infrastructure

Magal Security Systems is a leading provider of end-to-end, fully integrated security solutions for critical infrastructure.

Critical infrastructure facilities are constantly at risk of sabotage and theft that can result in the loss of assets and production. Additionally, the risk posed to the environment and general public in cases of chemical spills or airborne pollution means securing these facilities is of the utmost importance. 

Magal provides comprehensive, seamless and fully integrated end-to-end smart security solutions for critical infrastructure facilities, completely customized based on individual site requirements.

Multi-Layer Security Solutions

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

Magal offers a full range of perimeter intrusion detection (PIDS) products and solutions to detect intruders before they get inside a site. All of Magal’s internally developed “smart fence” technologies, as well as any additional third-party system, can be fully integrated into a video management system and command and control platform. Magal sensors detect and locate intrusion attempts with very high probability of detection (Pd) and minimal nuisance and false alarm rates (NAR/FAR). Sensors are designed to detect multiple simultaneous intrusions, with disturbances at different locations reported autonomously.

Verification and Tracking

Identifying perimeter breaches as well as unauthorized personnel entry is a vital component of any critical infrastructure security solution. Magal uses human and vehicle detection radars, long and medium range surveillance, as well as thermal, daytime, and PTZ cameras integrated with smart fence technology, to offer the most comprehensive verification and tracking system available.

Inner Layers and Access Control Security

Securing operational and restricted areas is key to maintaining high-level security at critical infrastructure facilities. Magal offers a multi-faceted approach to protecting sensitive areas by controlling access with License Plate Recognition (LPR), Biometrics, and Face Recognition analytics, as well as physical deterrents such as bollards and anti-terror gates.

Dynamic Command & Control

Magal’s command and control capabilities provide- holistic integration of an airport’s security and operational systems into one comprehensive, high availability platform. Magal’s FORTIS 4G fully integrates video management, advanced debriefing capabilities and video tracking, as well as privilege and access hierarchy, allowing operators and authorized personnel to make effective decisions based on real-time events, recognized threats or identification of suspicious individuals.


Magal Security Systems enables critical infrastructure facilities to stay ahead of any accelerating and potentially adverse incident. Additionally, Magal smart solutions provide invaluable detection and real-time information, improving performance of queue management, dynamic light control and personnel allocation.